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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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now on fox 35 news. >> the i-4 construction project shutdown because of a deadly accident. what happened and when construction could resume. the 911 caller demands $10,000 cash or else he'll blow up his neighborhood. >> i have c4s and i have all kinds of machine guns. >> you'll hear from the innocent victim caught in the middle of the swatting prank.
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florida have the zika virus. new advice on how to prevent the spread. and everything old is new again. why music super stars like kanye and justin bieber are putting out their releases on cassette tapes. >> right now on fox 35 news at 10:00. a deadly accident forces workers to put the brakes on a massive road construction project on i-4. the entire 21-mile job site of the i-4 ultimate project has been shutdown. >> this comes after a dump truck ran over a 34-year-old worker killing him. this happened eastbound i-4 near kennedy and wymore. keith landry joins us live with the details and the impact this accident could have. keith? >> reporter: it's a sad one, sonni. grief counselors are helping the
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34-year-old marvin frank lin and oshea is investigating his death. before noon a construction worker on the i-4 ultimate project was killed when a dump truck backed up and ran over him. fhp says 34-year-old marvin franklin of orlando was killed. it happened on the right shoulder of eastbound interstate 4. >> it was a tragic loss for us today. >> reporter: vice president of the usa civil and the construct or's project director for the i-4 ultimate project. marvin worked in the zone for more than a month and was not clear what he was doing when he struck.
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work, review our plans, review the protocols, review the site. >> reporter: work is shut down on all 21-miles of the project, and friday they'll ask workers in each work zone on rules. >> when we do start back to work that we are confident that we have a safe plan for our colleagues. >> reporter: there are about 650 workers and supervisors working the i-4 ultimate project and managers say they don't want them back on the job until they have a full chance to deal with what happened here today. we are live near maitland, keith landry, fox 35 news. and only on fox tonight a man_h calls 911 and threatens to go on a shooting spree in a
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>> i want $10,000 at my front door [ bleep ] >> now, that turned out to be a case of what they call swatting where someone calls 911 as a prank on somebody else. investigators want to know who made that call. tiffany teasley is in melbourne tonight. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: 50-year-old army veteran, mark, recounts the terrifying events from two days ago when officers surrounded his home here on hoppy drive in melbourne. >> told me to come out with my hands up, so i walk out to the street with the house phone in my hand. >> reporter: they established a perimeter around his home and told him to come outside with his hands up after they received this 911 call. >> i have an rpg, i have c4s, and have all kinds of machine guns. >> okay, and what are you doing to do with them in? >> you're going to send $10,000
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>> reporter: that disturbing 911 call came into the melbourne police department around 9:20 monday night. at one point it even sounds like guns are being fired in the background. >> i have a whole squad with me right now. >> reporter: the caller listed his home address as the place he was calling from. >> they initially set up around the house like any type of call of that nature. >> reporter: but officers quickly realized he was the victim in this incident. >> at that point they kind of realized the information that initially was called in wasn't true. that it was mostly going to fall under what's known as a swatting hoax. >> reporter: he was a victim of swatting, where an unknown person uses an untraceable number to call officers to a home. >> swatting's dangerous for everybody. it's dangerous for the homeowner because they don't know they're going to be the victim of it. it's dangerous for police officers responding. >> officers are trying to followup on leads.
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devastated his family. >> it put me in a lot of pain and emotional tears and a lot of bad thing because i don't cry a lot, but it's hurt me. >> reporter: in brevard county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. a seminole county judge has denied bonds for a mother accused of killing her own 29-year-old son. 59-year-old virginia arteaga is charged with first-degree murder for shooting and killing her son, blake howard, while he was taking a bath. investigators say she also tried to kill herself when police arrived on the scene yesterday. according to reports or -- arteaga has been dealing with -- >> then after just before christmas she looked very, very thin, and i was worried about her. i thought maybe she was seriously ill. >> arteaga is being watched at
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a man wanted in multiple shootings. four people shot including two teenagers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. the main suspect in the mother's day mowrd -- murder of smith. tension between the smith family and friends of watson's family. >> i commit a murder, the whole community knows i committed the murder and the cops can't touch me so, what's going to stop me from me and my possis from going out and killing again? >> police say no witnesses will cooperate in this case. sky fox over lake beauclair tonight where they're searching for signs of a missing boater.
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boat this morning but became concerned when he didn't return. crews spotted the man's boat going in circles on the lake. florida fish and wildlife officers were able to secure the boat but no one was on board. so far there's been no sign of the missing man. stay with fox 35 for the latest here. the republican race for the white house could be getting a little tighter, at least in the state of texas. donald trump is now tied with texas senator ted cruz in his own state. the survey usa poll shows ted cruz and donald trump are tied of the report. 1750 texas voters were polled in this survey. texas votes on march 1st, oh, yeah, super tuesday. and a big day for ted cruz in the lone star state. >> to fix washington, d.c. we
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change the united states of america! [ cheers and applause ] texas has alone almost 15% of the delegates you need to be the republican nominee. [ cheers and applause ] and as the men and women know here, texas has a history of standing and leading the fight. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders held a rally in kansas city today where he slammed the republican's stance on abortion. >> now, my republican colleagues run around the country. they talk about family values. they just love families. i want everybody here to know exactly what they mean by that and what they mean by that is no woman in this room, in this state, in this country in their view should have the right to control her own body. i disagree! >> the democratic primary in south carolina is on saturday. the latest poll has hillary
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well, looks like windy weather scrubbed a spacex launch at cape cape canaveral tonight. there will be another shot tomorrow around the same time. >> reporter: spacex within about 40 minutes of launching this rocket today, but there was only a 60% chance that it would launch. the concern was clouds and wind. the clouds managed to pass over, and it cleared out here, but those winds kept persisting. kyle brown spent hours preparing his gear to capture what he thought was going to be a picture-perfect spacex launch. >> you get closer and closer and you start to think it's going to go off and it comes down the ladder and that's scrubbed. >> reporter: spacex fueled up the rocket and prepared to launch at 6:46 in the evening, but about 40 minutes prior to t0 they decided to hold off. weather didn't appear to be a factor, although winds were brisk.
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reason for the scrub at the time. >> after all these hours sitting on the base it's a little bit disappointing but we'll be back out here same time, another run. >> reporter: weather conditions would have certainly affected what was supposed to be a historic first. the landing of a booster rocket on an ocean barge. all three prior attempts have failed. what spacex is persisting in its efforts to land on a barge in the water. in december the aerospace company proved it can do it by land, but the 12,000-pound communication satellite provided out of lucksenburg must get into a deep orbit, causing a high-speed return and therefore a lower probability of success according to spacex. they will give it another go tomorrow, 6:46 in the evening, but the weather conditions are dramatically improved. as much as 80% chance for
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at the cape canaveral launch center, derrol nail, fox 35 news. three pregnant women in florida now have the zika virus, and that's concerning because it can cause birth defects. what families need to know to keep their babies safe. you decide 2016, could governor rick scott be joining the donald trump ticket if there is one? that's one blogger's speculation. what rick scott has to say about that. and hipsters unite. find out how super stars are
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the fox 35 health alert. three pregnant women in florida now have the zika virus. the illnesses is spread by mosquitoes and transmitted through blood or sexual contact. zika is especially problematic for pregnant women because it can cause bit defects. >> anyone who's pregnant or might become pregnant should not travel to a country with active zika virus transmission. >> what can a pregnant woman do to protect herself as well as the health of her unborn baby?
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>> reporter: with 32 confirmed cases of zika virus in florida, three of them pregnant women, expecting moms are getting nervous. obstetrician this afternoon. >> i think it's always good to ask especially if you're a worrywart you want to ease your concerns a bit. >> reporter: dr. carlos sees many patients with ties to central america where zika virus is a problem. >> we do not have an antibiotic or treatment or to treat the condition once the patient has been exposed and inquired the infection. >> reporter: all the emphasis has to be on prevention. pregnant women should not travel to countries where the virus is prevalent. doctors will watch a pregnant woman who has been exposed more closely. >> the recommendations are to repeat ultrasounds every four weeks to assess brain development and rest of the
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>> reporter: diagnosing zika virus in a pregnant woman are tricky because only 20% of the people exposed to the virus will actually show symptoms. in orange county, keith landry, fox 35 news. you know, for some of us the american dream is a nice house, fast car, maybe a fun life, but for a group of hard workers in south orlando it's about simply having a steady job. >> and the company who provides those jobs was born out of one man's dream. a made in the usa story that is truly changing lives. >> reporter: in a world where strife, drama and chaos dominate the news cycle. it's nice every once in a while to hear a story about someone like maria. maria elana, orlandoan by way of
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respectable, well liked, driven, and a huge fan of america. >> the country is best opportunities for all people. >> reporter: she would know. you see, maria is a master at sewing. >> i sew all my life. yet she says at her age in columbia having a job is just unheard of. maria's considered too old, but not here. here at victory tailgate in south orlando.b-- 100% american-made, sports license tailgating games and apparel. the corn holes you play, the giant jenga game or the jerseys your friends wear could have been made here in this manufacturing facility near the
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ceo and founder, scott sims made his first corn hole game in a garage two years ago, but it sold online quickly. >> i'm, like, huh, maybe i should try to figure out how to make seizure and see what happens. >> what happened was this, the need for a 100,000 square foot facility with hundreds of employees. >> i think we're just getting started. >> his secret. >> most of the other companies in the licensing industries are just whole salers, they try to get in a big box stores, whereas we go direct to the consumer. >> reporter: and the consumers are speaking. the demand is unwavering, hence the growing need for skilled labor. >> once the word gets out that we're hiring i have a line out the door of people that are eager to work and excited to join our company. >> reporter: when victory tailgate coo joined the company she knew the company's sewing department was understaffed. she brought it from three
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but she noticed one glaring issue. >> they go home, they watch spanish tv, they shop at spanish grocery stores. they're in an environment that doesn't force them to speak english. >> reporter: sheila decided to give each and every one of them three english lessons during the workday. >> this is something that's important to our economy's growth, to our economy, to their lives. >> we have people who have big dreams and we want to help make that happen. >> if you can start to learn more english and you show that improvement we can promote you. >> that's music to maria's ears. >> do you enjoy the english classes. >> oh, yes! very important for me. >> reporter: she's now training to become a shift supervisor, a promotion she never would have gotten back in columbia, but she
12:51 am
america where she can work full time with her other family. >> everybody's a family here, and thinking that we are kind of living that american dream i get emotional. >> so does maria. >> i am very happy here. >> reporter: in orlando, david david martin, fox 35 news. still ahead, the search for suspects after a why wild chase through seminol* j county. colder weather just now moving inform we'll break that down county by county coming up. do you know what this is?
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so we had that line of storms move on through, and now the cooler air is already here. >> it is. i don't know in you noticed it this evening. oh my gosh, what happened? >> they should have been watching the forecast, glenn. >> it's getting chilly outside. temperatures right now in the 60s and 50s, but eventually going down into the 40s later tonight. here's a replay of the thunderstorms from earlier this afternoon and this morning severe weather, all the purple boxes, those were all tornado warnings. again, there were some confirmed funnel cloud sightings, wind damage up in ocala due to funnel clouds and thunderstorms. right now things have calmed down. 50-degrees in titusville.
12:55 am
49 at leesburg and 44 up towards gainesville. 59 in leesburg. and the temperatures right now rupping a good 10-13-degrees colder compared to where we were yesterday at the same time. winds are currently out of the west at about 15-20 miles per hour. here's what we have outside right now. this is out across the i-drive area. with our visit orlando tower camera on top of the hyatt regency orlando. 59-degrees right now in deland. breezy. 65-degrees. still a little bit warmer down to the south at melbourne, but everybody is going to be cooling down here through the overnight hours. skies will be clearing out for this evening. very windy for tonight and also for tomorrow. it and looks like that cool air's going to stick with us, and it will continue right as we go throughout the week. 62 in tampa. 70 down in miami. here is the main area of stormy weather. look at the blizzard that's been
12:56 am
portions of michigan. it's just now beginning to wind down. winds up to 50 miles per hour. visibility down to 0 and over a foot of snow. numerous tornado and thunderstorm warnings in virginia and the carolinas. we caught the tail end of that cold front. here is a look at the numbers for tomorrow. this is at about noon. temperatures will be starting out around 50, but by noon we're still only in the upper 50s to about 60 up in ocala and also towards fort mccoy. daytona beach around 58. palm bay, melbourne and satellite beach also upper 50s and low 60s. the wind will make it feel even cooler. cooler than normal. 68-degrees for metro orlando tomorrow. 7-day forecast, the cool weather continues for friday and saturday, mid-60s, and finally
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hey there, i'm john brown. forget the meds. more doctors are prescribing apps. talk with a local physician of the pros and cons of using your phone to stay healthy. it's good day orlando from 4:30 to 10:00. donald trump is on top of the polls of course right now, so what is his next move? >> picking a vice presidential candidate, of course, and here's one hint. a possibility has ties to florida. we're going to discuss the rumors with our political editor coming up. let's talk about the fox 35 pump patrol. gas going for $1.56 at the quick mart in orlando. and you can pay anymore if you go to the wawa on seminole boulevard and us-1792 in casselberry. you're watching fox 35 news at 10:00. you can like us on facebook.
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twitter @fox 35 (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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``| right now on fox 35 news. a man walking down the street says he was jumped and then pushed into a car where the suspect stole his wallet and shoes. this all started outside of a steak and shake in altamonte springs. >> but when the suspects took off before they crashed in lake mary. one got arrested and the hunt is on for the others.
1:01 am
5:30 this evening, police say a man was walking behind this restaurant here when four guys grabbed him and pulled them into their car. witnesses called 911 saying the suspects took his clothes and shoes. along the way police say one of the suspects threw a gun out the window, hitting the windshield of another car, smashing it. the suspects got off on lake mary boulevard and headed east, they crashed east of rynhart road. >> -- [ indistinguishable ] there's like a lot of cops chasing him. >> reporter: police arrested one of the suspects at the scene. two others took off running. the sheriff's helicopter hovered for hours looking for the suspects, and detectives questioned the victim for several hours, then he left with some friends. police asked him not to talk with reporters. and police telling us off camera
1:02 am
in this entire ordeal. altamonte springs police are looking for any information related to this case. if you have any information call police, kelly joyce, fox 35 news. new tonight at 10:00, dem in addition is just getting underway at the toll plaza on the beach line. the demolition should wrap up just before the morning rush. those tolls will now be collected at four new nearby ramp plazas. it's not going to cost you extra you'll just pay the toll at a different location. lots of questions swirling tonight about who donald trump would pick for a running mate if he were to be the republican candidate. governor rick scott might be an option. we caught up with governor scott today. >> i have three years left on this job. i want to add more jobs. we'll get our numbers for january soon and hopefully continue the progress we've
1:03 am
20 plus thousand jobs a month. that's my priority right now. >> let's talk with craig patrick about this. of course craig, governor rick scott. they were both businessmen to start. do you think this is a good matchup potentially? >> well, potentially. this is just mere speculation. this is a blogger from the washington post who has no particular insight. it could be an interesting matchup conceivably because both are not just businessmen, but they are outsiders. both were taken for granted, not taken seriously at first, and both were part of a broader movement. that's why rick scott is drawing some speculation, and donald trump has indicated he does, he is for more likely picking a
1:04 am
>> what about giuliani? >> yes, that is also another interesting comparison, but keep in mind they're both from new york and typically you're seeking geographic diversity. not always in the case of clinton and gore both came from the south, but you want to try to help pick a running mate who can help deliver for you. for someone like john kasich would deliver in ohio or somebody like a marco rubio who could help him deliver the state of florida. >> does he go within the rest of the candidate party again if that ends up being the case? >> well, the real challenge with trump is that he can be very, very hard to predict. if you look at some of the names donald trump has cited. ted cruz may be out the window the race is going, but i think you cannot predict what donald trump is going to do, and that's driving part of his appeal.
1:05 am
the rest of the crazy process with you. craig, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. and here is your calendar of key political dates coming up. on thursday the gop candidates will debate at the university of houston in texas. super tuesday is march 1st. and the florida presidential primary is march 15th. stay with fox 35 and we have the latest. a former janitor contracted work at disney's blizzard beach violated the law. and coming up at 11:00. is siri coming to a mac near you? coming up in just over 20 minutes on fox 35 news at 11:00. before we go to break here's your i-4 cast on the i-4 ultimate project. the entire 21-mile job site has
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investigators looking into that deadly accident today. no word on how long the construction project will be shutdown. you can always sign up for text alerts by going to this may be a major help in picking your college major. graduates with an engineering degree are the most employable right now. if that is not what's on your diploma do not worry, a strong worth ethic and attitude can also land you that job. facebook is giving itself a facelift. social media site adding five emojis were people to to express themselves. you can click on love, hah, wow, sad and angry. of course you can still give the standard thumbs up if you like something. hope you get this business
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everyone seems to agree say should be used, but making body cameras a part of law enforcement is easier said than implemented. >> the policy that easily passed the body camera bill, make it state law that any police agency that uses body cameras has to
1:10 am
of what they do with those cameras, when they turn them on, off, what they release to the public and training for those officers that use and store the data. the house bill is doing well also. you can expect this one now to get a full vote in both the house and senate, and i really believe this bill will end up on the governor's death. a police officer is recovering after an overnight crash along west oak ridge road in orlando. a driver cut off the officer and crashed into her cruiser. police say the officer had the right of way. they are all expected to be okay in the crash of course is under investigation. and for more on that story and the rest of today's headlines go to new at 10:00, a contracted janitorial worker with disney
1:11 am
pleading not guilty to charges of sexual battery. he and cooper were working at the water park after hours when cooper approached him and started asking sexually explicit questions and sexually battered him. cooper's been arrested 24 times in florida since 1999 on charges ranging from grand theft to drug possession. the disney spokesperson says the company no longer works with the contract company that employed cooper. move over, vinyl or turnover? the hottest option for retro music. >> it's just a sort of cool thing from the past that people have sort of embraced is a way of being different. >> find out how artists of today are embracing this old technology. glenn? >> the richness. forecasts here in central
1:12 am
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1:14 am
did you over a walk man? >> of course! >> look at you. >> talk about a blast from the past. cassette tapes making a comeback. >> i had the disc man. people are actually starting to
1:15 am
>> when it comes to music this led to this then this and timely this. while the cassette tape came out in 1962 there's a sudden booming nand for a technology that hasn't been popular in years. >> do you know what this is? >> no, no. >> well, you will soon. cassettes are no longer a thing of the past. with retailer, urban outfitters featuring it in their fifth avenue window. >> i remember the sound being kind of full of feedback and kind of like raspy but it was a charming vintage thing. >> and people would have their walkman on their belt and headphones on and their mobility so they could travel and walk around the city at the same time listen to music just like they're doing now on the iphone. >> let's not forget mix the tapes. you can still do it now in a digital way, there was something nice about having a physical, solid thing from your friend.
1:16 am
somebody a mixed tape? >> it meant you really cared about them. >> kanye west and bieber are jumping in releasing albums on cassettes. it's not about superior sound quality. >> i think they're probably jumping on the sort of indi bandwagon. the people running the labels aren't old enough to the grown up on cassettes, so feel like it's sort of a cool thing from the past that people have sort of embraced as a way of being different. >> reporter: it appears the trend is going strong. >> i get a lot these days of 20 years old and 25 years old coming in. there is this weird kind of hipness about yesterday's future. >> reporter: it seems everything old is new again.
1:17 am
we want to show you these. we found some fun cassette tape memes online. the ipod, i'm your father. the ipod's like, no. listen to the radio all day long just to record your favorite song of all time on tape. did it. totally did it. and then there's this one. if you understand this you are old. you get it? >> we are officially old. >> there you go. for the newbies when the tape got messed up you wind it and physically rewind the cassette, the thread of the tape gets pulled out. >> we also had the feature to record our voices, sometimes an instrumental version of the song. >> you put the microphone in. we're old. >> yeah, you still have any. >> i sold them all. i gave them away. >> i got the blues brothers
1:18 am
cruisers part two. >> that's a good $10 for you. cash it in. >> don't leave it out in the sun it will melt up. forecast in central florida not so hot. live radar is currently rain free, but we have some changes on the way due to the showers and thunderstorms that blew through the area earlier this morning and this afternoon. numerous warnings across the area, but we did not have any fatalities across the state, however we did have some damage along the west coast of florida and up to the north. temperatures are cooling down. 50s to mid-60s. winds righted now coming in from the west and northwest. we're starting to pull in the drier air. gainesville. there is some drier air in the way. it did get a little muggy the last kind of days. right now downtown 61-degrees. west wind at 15 miles per hour. tonight. it's going to be a little on the chilly side first thing tomorrow
1:19 am
in the 40s to low 50s into the afternoon. back to the mid to upper 60s but that wind will make it feel a little bit cooler, so you will need a jacket all day tomorrow. here's our 7-day forecast for the metro area. 6 for tomorrow. 65 for a high. that's it on friday. then we'll start to warm things up, mid to upper 70s on tuesday and wednesday of next week. let's scoot out towards the east coast. the temperatures for you actually a little bit cooler with the breeze coming in off with the breeze coming in off the ocean. we're looking at highs in the 60s remaining through sunday, and then finally warming up into the middle part of next week, and of course it will be colder up to the north up in ocala and gainesville. lows friday morning, saturday morning and sunday morning getting down into the mid-30s. that means it will be cold enough there will be some frost around for those areas. here's the way it's going to look. this is tomorrow in the afternoon.
1:20 am
at noon. volusia county, daytona, upper 50s to low 60s. brevard county also around 60-63-degrees in the afternoon. also in metro orlando and clermont highs in the low to mid-60s. definitely a cool change starting tomorrow. 7-day forecast again for the downtown orlando area. 68 tomorrow. 65 on friday, and warming up as we get in the next week. i like tuesday and wednesday.
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in tonight's o-town countdown. death leopard rescheduled their concert for friday, may 20th. previous tickets will be honored according to their website. master chef will hold a
1:24 am
they can't contestants who love to prepare food. go to the special wish granted in orlando tonight. suffering from a respiratory condition and presented her with a life-sized play house, complete with a loft, a front porch and a ladder, and that's topt's o-town countdown. if cats could talk one cat from by could have a pretty incredible story to tell. how she ended up here in florida. just how far nadia the cat traveled from sheboygan to naples. she vanished christmas eve. a woman took her in, contacted the local humane shelter and the shelter found a micro chip with the owner's information. they have no idea how the animal made it all the way south. >> we had no clue.
1:25 am
i would love to know how she hitched a ride to florida. >> sherry and her husband looking for ways to bring her back home. one mistake has the potential to ruin your life. that's why some florida lawmakers want to give teenagers
1:26 am
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a bill that encourages more community service instead of handcuffs for juvenile offenders
1:28 am
first time misdemeanor, juveniles would get a civil citation and required to perform community service and participate in intervention programs. others say discretion should be left with law enforcement. >> this in no way shape or form is letting them off, but it's taking the young person and rather than them throwing them into a criminal justice system and giving them a brand for the rest of their life and arrest record it gives them a second chance. >> we think it's a great idea for probably 90% of the kids that are out there. the problem is it's the other 10% that we feel like we need discretion. mandating law enforcement issue civil citations is not a good idea. >> the house companion of the tomorrow. next at 11:00.
1:29 am
backyard of a home. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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(male narrator) on today's special paid presentation for cindy crawford's new meaningful beauty ultra, brought to you by guthy-renker, you'll discover the secrets to not only aging gracefully, but beautifully while looking your absolute best every step of the way. i think my philosophy on aging is really more my philosophy on living, which is just do it well, take care of yourself. r it's about celebrating where you are pand being the best you


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